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has come from servicing 12 accounts in Mississippi to over 900 schools and churches in 19 states as of the fall of 2009. When attorney, Ed Tonore and a law book sales rep, Mike Jones, decided to start a gourmet holiday fund raising program, they never dreamed their ideas could grow to be one of the finest and most popular fundraisers in the industry.

In May of 2002, Southern Heritage moved into its new, spacious headquarters in Madison, Mississippi, which signaled the beginning of even better and more efficient service. We have always been acclaimed for our industry-leading service, and now with our new computer network, customized software and additional cold storage facilities around the southern U.S., we are poised to set the standard even higher.

Our Meat Sticks and Jerky program have grown every year since we began selling those items in 1990. In 1992 we purchased Billy Gibbs Fundraising, a Mississippi fundraising company for over 40 years. In 1995 we purchased Market South, a Mississippi fundraising company since 1980. Through acquisitions and mergers, Southern Heritage has become the largest supplier of gourmet meat products in the South.

In 2008, we finalized the purchase of Bob's Fund Raising and Diversified Fund Raising (DFR) which were fruit fund raising companies with 39 combined years of experience. We have now merged these businesses into our parent corporation Southern Heritage, also known as Southern Heritage Farms.

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