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The Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS)

AFRDS and its members are dedicated to promoting professionalism and integrity in product fundraising.

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Great Success!!:

We have sold turkeys and hams with Southern Heritage for 28 years. The products sell themselves. Customers call well in advance to see if we are selling. It has become a tradition in our community to have Southern Heritage products for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have done business with other fruit companies in the past, when I began doing business with Southern Heritage the service and the products were superior.

We sold fruit with Bob's Fundraising for many years, but after Bob's ownership changed we used other companies and weren't satisfied. When we found out that Bob's had been bought by Southern Heritage we came back home to Bob's and haven't been disappointed. The service and the fruit are as good as it gets.

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