Tips on Successful Fundraising
with Southern Heritage

If you are looking to raise money for an important cause, Southern Heritage Farms is happy to assist you. At Southern Heritage Farms, we’ve seen fundraisers meet and beat their goals by using our fundraising tips. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned fundraiser or starting your first fundraiser, these fundraising tips will help your fundraiser a success, and we cannot wait to be apart of helping you reach your goal!

Fundraising Tips

Plan Ahead

The whole process of fundraising may be overwhelming initially, particularly if the organization that wishes to do so has not planned ahead. Fundraising is easier when a well-executed plan is put into place that allows the organization to avoid guesswork, misappropriation and last-minute work. Planning ahead allows the organization to be recognized as more organized and provides legitimacy to the fundraiser. Having a plan is one of the key elements to ensure your group has the most successful fundraiser possible.

Set a Goal

When you start fundraising, your organization should set a fundraising goal to ensure that you and your team are united in terms of your desired goal. Having something to aim for will help you and your team stay motivated, while also providing an important story for donors that encourage them to contribute more to your cause. As you make progress towards your goal, you can communicate to donors through indicators as a way to update them on your progress towards your goal.

Create Incentives

Incentives are a major key to motivating students or group members to reach their full potential. Whether it’s a monetary incentive, top sales award, pizza party, tickets to a raffle, or even bonus points or grades; good incentives can increase your sale drastically. We’ve found the the best way to motivate people is a combination of awards or gifts for top sellers, paired with a more attainable goal that can be met by everyone involved. This will provide incentives everyone feels they can achieve, and motivate everyone to do their best.

Make a Timeline

A timeline will help you build structure, a campaign calendar and a sense of urgency among donors. By building a timeline, you build a more legitimate campaign that encourages more donors to contribute to the fundraiser. Different fundraising structures and ideas take different amounts of time, so, by making a timeline, you are more considerate about how much of your time is being dedicated to the fundraiser. If your fundraising team has a multitude of tasks, the timeline of your fundraiser may need to be extended to reduce any pressure on those assisting with the fundraiser.


When you are hosting a fundraiser, you’ll have a wide variety of audiences and need to promote using a variety of strategies. Social media has become the most effective way to spread the word of your fundraiser widely. Physical mail and email are important ways to a more dedicated audience and allow you to share more with your audience, while also being more creative. Hosting fundraising tables at pre-scheduled events including church services, school functions or corporate events is another effective way to reach out to donors and gain support for your cause.


When you begin to reach out to donors, it is important to educate them on the cause you are raising money and support for. This shows the donors that you are passionate about fundraising for the organization, and allows the donors to understand the goal your organization hopes to achieve through fundraising. Education is so important because it allows people to see the issue at hand, and, even if someone cannot directly donate to your cause, they may be able to do the things that contribute to your fundraiser.